Manage your Flutter app development.

Common commands:

flutter <command> [arguments]
# Create a new Flutter project in the specified directory.
flutter create <output directory>

# Run your Flutter application on an attached device or in an emulator.
flutter run [options]


Global options:

-h, --help
Print this usage information. -v, --verbose
Noisy logging, including all shell commands executed. If used with --help, shows hidden options.

-d, --device-id Target device id or name (prefixes allowed). --version Reports the version of this tool. --suppress-analytics Suppress analytics reporting when this command runs. --bug-report Captures a bug report file to submit to the Flutter team. Contains local paths, device identifiers, and log snippets.

Path to your ".packages" file.(required, since the current directory does not contain a ".packages" file)

Available commands:

analyze Analyze the project's Dart code.

assemble Assemble and build flutter resources.

attach Attach to a running application.

bash-completion Output command line shell completion setup scripts.

build Flutter build commands.

channel List or switch flutter channels.

clean Delete the build/ and .dart_tool/ directories.

config Configure Flutter settings.

create Create a new Flutter project.

devices List all connected devices.

doctor Show information about the installed tooling.

drive Runs Flutter Driver tests for the current project.

emulators List, launch and create emulators.

format Format one or more dart files.

help Display help information for flutter.

install Install a Flutter app on an attached device.

logs Show log output for running Flutter apps.

make-host-app-editable Moves host apps from generated directories to non-generated directories so that they can be edited by developers.

precache Populates the Flutter tool's cache of binary artifacts.

pub Commands for managing Flutter packages.

run Run your Flutter app on an attached device.

screenshot Take a screenshot from a connected device.

test Run Flutter unit tests for the current project.

upgrade Upgrade your copy of Flutter.

version List or switch flutter versions.

Run flutter help <command> for more information about a command. Run "flutter help -v" for verbose help output, including less commonly used options.